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About Digipreneur

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Digipreneur was created to help, train and assist new or existing entrepreneurs who are interested in developing their businesses, or help dedicated, enthusiastic individuals interested in working in the Digital Marketing field of sales and promotion. This can be achieved for your existing company, creating a new company or become a representative of Digipreneur if your interest is developing your own agency.

Our focus here is primarily to help you better learn how to sell your product or service by understanding all the components needed to present yourself professionally in any situation. When you know your product, have infrastructure, and have relevant stories to share that create a bond with your client or customer, your chances of achieving your target goal, and making sales, increases substantially.

We become your confidence tool so it doesn’t matter what type of customer you approach you can have absolute assurance that you can fulfill most given tasks.

Apps and programming are not us, we focus on marketing and there is plenty of work around the world in this field.

Digipreneur is a division of Webacom Media Corporation, a company that has been operating since 1995. Based on this extensive, hands on experience we have learned how to run, build and profit from using tools and strategies that, in turn, help our customers make money.

Why Train with Digipreneur?

Our Office and Team

There isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t have some disaster to clean up. Over the years, we’ve seen literally hundreds of business owners desperate to find out why their websites and marketing are not working.

For the most part, it’s due to people that have some of the experience needed to create a basic website using “simple” (and proprietary) tools like Wix, Weebly and other “free” website builders, but do not have enough experience to properly fulfill the many levels of expertise required to help a company truly become profitable.  This is, in turn, hurting our economy as these people have only part of the skill set that sell websites and marketing campaigns.  Independent business owners, for the most part, believe what they are told, but often become a victim of their own lack of knowledge.

Then you add misinformation online, and yes unscrupulous people that take advantage of new entrepreneurs providing false and misleading information with no research or real business experience to back it up. This may include courses, memberships, software, training and more.

What do you have to lose? Potentially your business if you, or your client, don’t get new sales. This is such a tragedy, as becoming self employed and independent is a huge asset based on how the world’s economy is turning.

With the large influx of Face Book ads promising to make millions with only two weeks of work a year, there’s a myriad of confusing and misleading options that are difficult, over-simplified and portray outright lies; from Amazon FBA, Shopify, Click Funnels, Click Bank, JV Zoo and other similar services, which are NOT, in our opinion, worth the hype.

Our goal is to empower, grow and educate our network with ethical members that can help turn idealistic enthusiasm into experienced knowledge and increase the profit in this incredible industry for everyone!

Let’s start with a shocker

Do you really think because an ad is approved on Face Book or Google it’s automatically a legit business? Nope, far from the truth, as long as it follows the basic guidelines the ads are approved. Google nor Face Book is going to spend time to legitimize a claim of income with any of these advertisers.

Have you seen all those ads for Binary Options? It’s investment software that you keep feeding money to that falsely shows gains every day. But try to get the money out, then you realize it’s a scam.